These posts just randomly find their way into my blog.

Contest # 1 Winners

About a month ago, I had a contest that had you pick your three favorite Snowy Sunday episodes. I bet some of you were thinking, “His blogging has been hit and miss lately and he forgot.” I did not forget and here are the list of winners:

To those that won, I will be sending an email to you, asking for your mailing address so I can send your prize to you. If you’ve forgotten what the prize was, then you don’t deserve to win…. ha ha… just kidding. Seriously, it was a $10 iTunes gift card.

These were all randomly picked by myself, using one of those ziploc bags with all of the names of those that entered the contest printed on little strips of a paper, folded in triplicate. Thank you for watching my silly mug trudge through the cold and snow this last winter.

Free KFC on Oprah

Free KFC

On Monday’s Oprah show, she announced that she was paying for every family in America to get a free 2-piece meal of the new grilled chicken.

I’m not a big fan of chicken for many reasons [mostly due to the less-than-detailed cooking methods that most places use to make chicken], but I thought I would take an opportunity to get a freebie out of one of the wealthiest women on television.

I went over today around 11:45am, beating the lunch rush. While I was eating, the line formed quickly and ended up out of the door. I would guess there was at least 50 people there, both waiting and eating.

As for the chicken, it was ok. I thought it was less greasy than their other chicken. But I normally remove the skin before eating it. But it had a good flavor to it. I still enjoy their cole slaw and mashed potatoes. And the biscuit is ok if you add enough butter and honey to it. I also purchased a frosty glass of root beer [the KFC I went to is one of those combo restaurants with an A&W] to show my support for getting something for free.

Here’s the link to printing your own coupon: If you missed out on that link, hit me up in the comments if you are interested in getting a coupon. I may be able to help you out.