Seven days into the last month of 2012 and finally getting this last monthly TINTFA update, with a year end summary of what I did for this year planned for the last week, wrapping it all up.

  • Writing
  • – Back in August, I mentioned that I would go into detail in my November TINTFA update about my fiction novel project. And as you read, or didn’t read, that didn’t happen. But now, I can reveal at least some of the details. The 5 book series is now 3 books, with the first two in the series called Heaven Forrest and Hollow Mountain. It’s young adult fiction based, focusing on twins Courtney and James who take a family vacation to Heaven Forrest and discover a dead body during a hike, along with all of the mystery and cover up in discovering who the killer is. Eight years later, they travel back to Heaven Forrest and visit Hollow Mountain after reading about a year old murder that took place near the base of the mountain. The third book, the title to be revealed sometime in 2013, is the culmination of their discoveries.
    – Related to the above, I participated in NaNoWriMo but failed to reach even close to the 50,000 words in November. But I did get a good start on Hollow Mountain and have my passion to finish these novels in this trilogy in 2013.

  • Reading Books
  • – I am about 10 percent through “Driven To Distraction” which is related to making some changes in my life. Still working on a blog post with all of the details on this… Still fighting my distractions on finishing the book as well. Oh the irony!

  • Exercise
  • – At the end of November, I celebrated one year of going to the gym and working out at least twice a week, although I had a couple of weeks in November that I only visited the gym once during a 9 day period. Trying to finish up the year with 3 visits a week and carrying that habit into 2013. I did go up in weight 3 lbs to 173, but that’s due to preparing for the holidays and eating a lot since Thanksgiving, or at least that’s what I’m attributing that bit of extra poundage to.

  • Blogging
  • Adult Beverages has stalled at 15 posts since it started. Thanks to my web host MyDomain, this site/blog broke for 15 days, barely coming back online last night. For those of you that follow the Adult Beverages Twitter account saw my details, you knew my frustration with this, adding on top of my already distraction-filled life. I plan to get caught up with post this weekend and get back to my plans for drinks and video podcast production.
    – An update/status for Scooter Sunday and what’s going on with that project/site is coming in late January.
    – The company that houses all of my projects – Penguin Bytes Productions – got it’s own blog – I’m hoping to keep it updated with a regular list of post updates on all of my blogs, which at last count, is now at four [obviously not including].

The Final Summary…

As I eluded to at the start of this post, I will have a year end summary of what I did, including my TINTFA list.

Thank you for 11 months of digital encouragement on me getting all of this done.