Music Monday: My Favorite Song by Beck

Official video for “Think I’m In Love”

As I mentioned in last week’s Music Monday post, I’ve been a Beck fan for a long time. I’ve played just about everyone of his albums to death. And while there are some songs that I have tired of, there is only one that I can listen to on repeat that I never get tired of. And that would be “Think I’m In Love” from the 2006 album “The Information”

This song was the second and final single from “The Information” The first single “Nausea” had a Stone Roses sound to it and I liked it, but once I got a hold of the album, it was the second track that grabbed me and held on.

The very start of the song with it’s bass line and guitar repeating many times before Beck’s vocals kick in. Then add that piano plinking during the chorus keeps the groove going. And the change up around 1:40 gives it that slight change that keeps you hooked.

All 3 minutes and 19 seconds of the song is, to this Beck fan, the ultimate song that really embraces the creative artist that Beck is.

I’ve heard this song live twice [both times in 2014 – August 14th in Salt Lake City and October 10th at Austin City Limits] with Beck inocrporating a mix of “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer into part of the song.

Given his lengthy catalog and large number of hits back in the 1990’s, you might think that songs like “Devil’s Haircut” and “Loser” would be more in line as an all time favorite song of his. Nope. I do like those songs, and even “Beercan” with his heavy use of samples, would be a contender. I’m quite happy with “Think I’m In Love” and how often I play it.


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