Tech Giants Dropping


Recently, both Kevin bloggers that I follow [and who reply here often] created blog posts asking the tech question: which major technology company would you be willing to drop from your life. In the list of 5 companies given, here is my list:

  • 1. Facebook
  • – As I’ve blogged before, I am no fan of Facebook and I would have no problems dropping that site from my life. Sure, I check it here and there, but it’s the first on my list to go. I don’t have the app installed on my iPhone or iPad. I pretty much only check it from my Macbook. If I do check it from iPhone or iPad, I use Safari mobile to check, logging in and logging back out again after I am done. As for Instagram, I do like that app. I use it a few times a month to post photos (more often to reply and like). But given the charge to not use any of Facebook-owned products, I’d drop it as well. Yeah, Facebook isn’t on my LIKE list.

  • 2. Microsoft
  • – My use of Windows operating systems that my job and career have been based on for the last 22 years is enough to want to just give up on Microsoft. Yes, they have served me well, but they have also been a burden in so many ways that yes, “go away Microsoft” has been uttered many times by myself and in the wee hours of the night trying to bring a server back online. So even though I like products like OneDrive and MSN email (now, there’s enough reasons to ditch Microsoft. Not to mention the companies they purchase to cannibalize and toss aside a great app that never gets replaced with anything worthy. See ya, Microsoft.

  • 3. Amazon
  • – Since the first of this year, Utah started collecting sales tax on any order I place with Amazon, even though there’s no physical presence here in Utah for their business. Utah felt Amazon was taking away too much in the form of local business, so they enacted a new rule, to disregard the Supreme Court rule from years ago, to help offset these losses to locals. With that, I’ve scaled back my purchases from Amazon. Not because I don’t want to pay sales taxes, but because my state changed the rules. This put Amazon back a position, which means it’s a bit easier to live without them if they went away.

  • 4. Google
  • – Gmail. Google Wifi. Search. Maps. Voice. All of the main products that I embrace and use each and every day. Sure, given the choice, I could move search to Bing and use Apple Maps [please don’t make me]. And I have enough other web-based email accounts that I could move all of my email from Gmail. But, that would be a lot of work. And a lot of effort to switch from the Alphabet array of companies that help make online life easier to deal with.

  • 5. Apple
  • – Anyone that knows me and knows my history with Apple products, could have easily guessed this would be last on the list of tech companies I could abandon. I’ve been a Mac user since 1985. I had a Newton when they first came out in 1992. I have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and have owned several iPods over the years [still use an iPod nano on a daily basis]. While I complain about some things that Apple does, I still can’t imagine my life without the Apple products I use all the time.


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