Banal Leakage – Ep #003


The third time’s a charm, they say. Take a listen above.

Episode 003

  • Title: Hollywood – Big and Independent
  • posting this a couple days later than planned. Getting back on track this week for posting this on Friday
  • Omitting non-transitional sound effects like boos, cheers and silly sounds. This was a suggestion from Kapgar
  • News – Story 1: Golden Globes
  • – award show where they drink, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, winners, Jared Leto, love affair for David O. Russell films (The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle)
    – Link to winners: Golden Globes Winners

  • News – Story 2: Oscar nominations
  • – show on March 2nd, American Hustle grabbed 9 nominations, Tom Hanks and Robert Redford snubbed with no nominations for their lead acting roles, Lee Daniel’s The Butler snubbed, Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars, Dallas Buyers Club, Wolf of Wall Street gets 5 nominations, best picture, best director.
    – Link to nominations: Oscar Nominations 2014

  • News – Story 3: Sundance – 30th year
  • – In 1991, the first year I started going, Saw Reservoir Dogs in 1992 first time director Quentin Tarantino, Orgazmo in 1998 by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park fame), see a few movies, short films, documentary “Life Itself”
    – Link to story: Sundance Film Festival 2014

  • RANT: People running red lights
  • – rampant, impatient, accidents, cops hiding out with radar guns, could have revenue generation with ticketing those who run red lights.

  • Shameless Plug: None this week
  • Ending

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