Banal Leakage Podcast Update


I started this podcast in January 2014. The goal was to do 50 episodes a year, basically one a week. I made it to around August 2015 before I got out of schedule and fell into a moat of distractions and excuses for not recording each week. I tried a restart in 2016 that didn’t go so well. To date, I’ve done 83 episodes. At the end of 2016, based on my original goal and schedule, I should have reached 150 episodes recorded. I’m a little more than halfway there.

Catch Up

I know some of my listeners are not fond of my playing catch up on episodes I put together but never recorded or posted them. Kapgar and I have had conversations about this and I completely respect his opinions on not playing catch up. Given that, I looked at how many episodes I was behind on – 16 – and decided that even for my ADHD mindset, that was too many to play catch up on. But I did want to do some amount of catch up.

After going back and forth this last week, I decided to only record and post 6 older episodes – 084 through 089 – so that I could start new episodes at 090. I already had 3 of those 6 mostly recorded and all of them prepared as far as show notes go. Yes, some of the stories go back through the last half of 2016. And in the case of Episode 089, I included a lot of stories in that single episode that I wanted to cover, at least with a minute or two of what I had prepared.

Apologies to those who don’t like this. But there’s a level of compromise and sanity that I found acceptable to myself and (hopefully) to my listeners. Feel free not to listen to any of them or some of them or all of them. Based on your podcast app, it should be fairly easy to select only the episodes you want to download to your device.

New Episode

As mentioned above, Episode 090 will be the first new and current episode in a long time. It will cover the inauguration and other recent stories. So if you want to go right to that episode and skip the catch up episodes, I completely understand. Watch your feed for that to post. It will be after Episodes 084 through 089 are recorded and posted, which is happening now. My goal to have all of these episodes done AND the Episode 090 is getting close and I’m making solid progress in between legitimate disruptions from work and personal life.

More Episodes

I am adding an additional episode each week that covers a single topic, with no Rant or Shameless Plug. A topical discussion that gives me more time to cover the subject. The first new one – Episode 091 – will be on fake news and my thoughts on it.

Also, I am working on adding a co-host every so often. I am still putting ideas on this together, but hopefully it will be sometime around the end of February before an episode with a co-host gets recorded and posted. I will reveal more details on this in the next few weeks as I am still working out the logistics of it, like Skype connectivity and additional equipment. If it goes well, I would like to make it a weekly episode. If it needs tweaking, I am open to making changes. I give credit to Kapgar for his suggestion, although the many podcast episodes I listen to have a co-host or guest, so it makes sense to add this into the mix of episodes and formats here.

Thanks for your patience with me on this. I really have missed recording these episodes and look forward to pushing myself to staying on track and on schedule and adding new features and episodes each and every week.


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