Music Monday: Depeche Mode Spirit Tour 2017

depeche mode spirit
Depeche Mode announces “Spirit” album and tour for 2017

Back a week or so ago, Depeche Mode announced a new album called “Spirit” to be released sometime in 2017 [no exact date was given, just Spring] and a set of tour dates, starting in Europe. It will be a good 4 years since the release of their last album, “Delta Machine”

European Dates

depeche mode spirit

The tour kicks off May 5th in Sweden and ends July 23rd in Romania. There are only European dates so far. Nothing for North America yet. I wouldn’t expect anything until at least February at the earliest. And since they skipped Denver and Salt Lake City for the last tour, I expect them to rectify that by playing both cities this time around.

Holding My Breath (or Not)

I’m really wondering what kind of direction they will take with this album. “Delta Machine” was pretty lackluster and it’s my least favorite album that’s come out since “Some Great Reward”, which goes all the way back to 1985. Until we hear some samples or a new single, it’s all a guessing game from here.

Now we wait.


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