Music Monday: Foo Fighters “Saint Cecilia EP”

saint cecilia
Suprise! a new Foo Fighters EP and it’s free!

The last time Foo Fighters came out with new music, it was attached to an HBO show of the same name. “Sonic Highways” was quite the album for being only 8 songs long. Not only did I give it a good review, it landed in the top spot of my best of albums for 2014.

And almost a year to the date, I am reviewing another Foo Fighters album, although this is much shorter than “Sonic Highways” which makes it an EP. “Saint Ceclia made it’s free debut on Sunday night and it’s a nice work for being just 5 songs.

Almost There

saint cecilia
The weeks long countdown is almost done

Some weeks ago, the bands’ web site because a countdown timer. Most fans assumed new music, which was an easy deduction. I went out at about 30 mins before 10pm MST to see the countdown happen. Sure enough, new music.

saint cecilia
Free from different places, including a download right from the official site

The EP was made available for free on iTunes and streaming on Apple Music and Spotify and also as a direct download right from the site. No need to go searching for it on the various music sites. Also, Google Play has the download as well. Alas, no Amazon Music for this release. At least not yet. I have the links to the various locations at the end of this post.

Track Listing

  1. “Saint Cecilia”
  2. “Sean”
  3. “Savior Breath”
  4. “Iron Rooster”
  5. “The Neverending Sigh”

saint cecilia itunes
Available on iTunes for free

The basic story of how this EP came to be is best stated by the band’s frontman, Dave Grohl at this location. Oh wait, you are tired of clicking links away from this post? Alright…

New music was created in Austin TX at the tiny hotel Saint Ceclia, during the double weekend shows held for Austin City Limits. The hotel transformed into a studio and the band recorded these songs as an ending to their American tour. A bit more than a month later, Paris would have tragic upon them, the band cancelled their last 4 tour dates and this EP took on a whole other meaning. That’s my interpretation of how this EP came to be. Just go read the longer version. It’s worth it.

So for my choice to get this EP, I went with the free iTunes download and synced my iDevices to have it locally available.

saint cecilia itunes
Downloading from iTunes

I’ve listened to it several times so far and all of the songs are solid. Hard rockers for most of the tunes and I like that. And hey, for free, you can’t complain about that. Although maybe you few that bitched about getting U2’s last album for free, but unlike that release, this one isn’t pushed to your device without your manual input.

No need for this album to grow on me. It already has and will be played many times more over the coming weeks and months.

So click your choice below to go grab this free album by one of the greatest rock bands still playing rock ‘n roll.


  • Saint Ceclia EP (MP3 download)
  • iTunes: Saint Ceclia EP (download)
  • Apple Music: Saint Ceclia EP (streaming)
  • Google Play: Saint Ceclia EP (download)
  • Spotify: Saint Ceclia EP (streaming)

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