Episode #066


Hippity Hoppity :

  • – It’s should have been an Easter miracle on Easter Sunday; I’m now this much closer to being caught up with my podcast schedule.
  • – it’s still very much April here, about half way through the month, well, it was about a month ago.
  • News – Story 1: Twitter releases Periscope, a video streaming app
  • – a few years ago, it was Vine and YouTube that was all the rage; record videos and post them online; then a few months ago, Meerkat made a big splash as live video broadcasting became a hit, but you have to watch the broadcast when it’s live; now Twitter buys the app Periscope, which is similar to Meerkat in video broadcasting, but it keeps a copy of the broadcast for 24 hours for those who subscribe but miss the live event; I’ve used both apps, but haven’t done anything major as for broadcasting events; even with the LTE speed of my phone, both of these apps work best on wifi; perhaps Meerkat will add an archive footage; I like the interface of Meerkat over Periscope, but with various updates to each app, things could improve for Periscope to add features and functions; Meerkat got a smack down from Twitter once Periscope was announced, getting removed from the social threading, with Twitter giving it’s newly purchased broadcast app an advantage; give both apps and try and see what you think.
    – Link to article: Up Periscope
    easter bunny

  • News – Story 2: Target closes their US stores on Easter Sunday
  • – a few years ago, I went to go pick up some stuff at Target on Easter sunday and the store was closed; as it turns out, they have done this for years now; most stores are closed on Christmas Day and it’s rare anyone in retails takes an entire day other than Dec 25th off; I’ve not seen too many other large retail chains do this; not that having a nice day off to spend with family isn’t something to be appreciated; Wal-Mart certainly isn’t closing their doors, not that I shop there; I do shop at Target and this is a cool thing, regardless if it’s Jesus or Easter Bunny related.
    – Link to article: Is Target Open or Closed on Easter 2016?

  • News – Story 3: Prohibition in the United States
  • – my thoughts on the mistake of the 18th constitutional amendment and how the 21st amendment should be a reminder to not repeat history.
    – Link to article: Prohibition in the United States

  • RANT: Frequent Flier Miles Should Never Expire
  • – I’ve been flying for a very long time, first time in September of 1972 to North Carolina and Washington DC on Eastern Airlines; back then, I don’t recall there being any frequent flier programs; but once I started flying for work in the 90’s, there was Delta and their SkyMiles program; and if you didn’t fly enough, your miles expired; yes, you earned them, but give it a couple of years since your last flight and they deleted any miles you earned; that changed a few years back when Delta deemed all miles to last forever; no expiration at all; but all other airlines have expiration dates of 2 years and 3 years, or sometimes less; if you earned them, then they need to remove any and all expiration dates; who cares if you only fly once every 5 years to visit family; who cares if it takes 10 years to earn a free round trip airfare; every airline should let you keep each and every mile and they should never be lost due to years between flying or buying a product or service to keep them alive; just make it happen.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Banal Leakage blog turns 7
  • – my blog’s annual anniversary is on April Fool’s Day; it wasn’t really planned that way; I posted my first post that day when I was taking a short vacation in Las Vegas; since then, I’ve had almost 900 posts and try to post on a regular basis; would love for more people to read, which they might and I just don’t track the visitors all that often; wish for more comments on the posts I do post; I doubt I will ever quit or shut down this blog; I have 3 others that also don’t get much attention lately, but that’s always something I want to change and start posting more; regardless, 7 years is a long time to be blogging in this day of social media and Tumblr and other sites that are not self-hosted; WordPress is my friend and I need it to help me keep my blogs going, including Banal Leakage; here’s to at least another 7 years.

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