FitBit Weekly Challenge Won

fitbit 5 day challenge
Went For The Gold

For the last several weeks, Kevin of fame, has invited myself and several others to a 5 Day Workweek Hustle, where we take extra steps to get more steps, logged by our various FitBit models. I normally come in 6th place, with a far away view of the others, who tend to rack up steps like they are Pez candies.

So when I joined up this last week, I wasn’t sure that I would break any sort of records for steps as I was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Sure, we had some excursions planned like zip lining, snorkeling and a yacht cruise. But you don’t get many steps while strapped onto a wire and pulley or swimming in a bay or standing around with a gin & tonic trying to act intelligent while talking to the boat captain.

Boy, was I wrong.


fitbit 5 day challenge
Just 10k steps shy of 100k

I ended up with over 90k steps when the challenge ended on Friday night. Turns out you walk a ton going from one zip line to another. Walking every day to and from the marina was very common. Getting to and from places to eat and other excursions on foot helped a lot. And the floors I climbed up and down going from the room to the pool to the beach. And speaking of the beach, we had a few walks next to the crashing waves.

I’m sure there will be other weeks where I will get a good deal of steps in during the work week, but I think I will never underestimate the number of steps one would get while on vacation at a beach resort [last year’s Orlando trip excluded]


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