Mouse On The Patio

tabby mouse patio
Here Is The Mouse, Where It All Happens

We’ve had our share of mice at this house since Tabby came to live at our home. Most have come inside, so it’s a nice relief when one stays outside, like this little visitor we had a month ago.

tabby mouse patio
Mouse gets closer to Tabby, who thinks she is hiding

As you can see Tabby is trying to hide, from both and myself and the mouse. She is very aware of this mouse that came onto the patio, while she was hanging out in the yard. I was happy to witness the whole thing.

tabby mouse patio
The game of chase happens

For a good 5 minutes or more, Tabby and this mouse went back and forth, under the steps, around the table, around the chairs and then repeat the whole process. I didn’t take any video of this, which in hindsight, I should have been filming it. Instead, I decided to just take pictures of the event.

tabby mouse patio
Now the mouse is trying to hide

We have a small green plastic side table that was on it’s side, which the mouse found a spot to hide in. Of course, Tabby was very much aware of where the mouse was.

tabby mouse patio
Tabby sees the mouse…

Tabby’s focus on this mouse was incredible. For other mice that have been brought into the house, she tends to look away more often. But here outside, she was very keen to keeping an eye on this rodent.

tabby mouse patio
..goes in for a closer look…

Wanting to start the game of chase again, Tabby goes in for a closer look to try and entice the mouse to run again.

tabby mouse patio
.. and decides to bat at it.

Tabbing a swipe to get the mouse to move, it did. And the game of chase started all over again for the next few minutes.

I promise to video it next time, although that might not be until spring of next year when winter ends and the mice get brought back into the yard.


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