Say Hello To Tabby

Welcome, Tabby

We have a new pet addition to our household. This is Tabby – short for Tabitha, which is what her name was when we got her from the PetSmart adoption drive that went on last weekend.

tabby face
The first picture taken of Tabby

Since our Rocko kitty passed away in March, we were pretty much set on just having the one cat – Triscuit – but then my wife really thought getting another cat was a good idea. I wasn’t all keen on it, being quite happy to have just the one. But then we found this sweet Tabby and she was so friendly, we ended up taking her home.

tabby body
Adjusting to a new home for Tabby

After about 20 minutes of walking around, Tabby seemed like she was going to adjust, but then got skittish and hid inside the couch and under the basement stairs for the next two days – not eating or drinking water. The idea of a second cat started to get a bit questionable. I’m less patient these days and to have a cat hiding for two days wasn’t helping this decision.

Two Days Later

tabby lap
Out after two days of hiding

After two days of hiding, my wife and I were sitting on the coach and out comes Tabby, being all friendly and snugly. This was the cat I remember from the PetSmart. But then being skittish again, we didn’t see her until the next morning – 3am, when she decided we didn’t need sleep and needed to be all friendly with her.

tabby rug
Hanging out on the rug

She’s done better at adjusting the last few days. Triscuit is not so sure yet, hissing at her and backing away when Tabby is around. But I’m sure she will adjust, too. Tabby is very friendly and I imagine that will keep improving with each new day.

She is approx 4 years old and is a sweet cat that is sleek with a great face. I will keep my readers updated as she integrates herself into our home.


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