Basement Remodel

basement remodel
Mid remodel state

One of the last rooms in our home to needing a remodel was our basement family room. We put it off until our Rocko cat passed away. So in May, we started tearing up the old carpet, removed the wood burning stove and removed the rock wall that hid behind the stove.


basement remodel
taken on Christmas Day 2011 – not much changed till May 2014

I don’t have any photos of the room without people or things in it [you would think I would have taken a photo once we had everything removed from it] but you can see from above the older carpet and how it goes up the stairs.

basement remodel
Wood burning stove removed

The wood burning stove was something we rarely used and it took up a large part of the corner of the room. Removing it was a pain since it’s heavy. It took 4 of us to get it up the stairs and outside. The rock wall came down as well. Good riddance!

basement remodel
bare corner wall

Once the rock wall was gone, the wallboard had to come down and replaced with new drywall. Looks very nice all cleaned up and ready for some new wall and mudding.


basement remodel
Painted Wall

Part of the remodel is painting. We picked a nice beige color that would mix well with the darker brown carpeting.

basement remodel
Angle of the room from mid stair view

These are the different angles of the room with all the painting done and the bare floor in all it’s concrete glory. Due to several trips over a 30 day period, it sat like this until the last day of July. Which meant we walked around on the concrete. Good thing it was summer and not winter time.

basement remodel
The back wall view

This is the view of where the older couch was. Bare as can be – just waiting for carpet.

basement remodel
View from the corner

Another view of the empty front room.

basement remodel
Bare Stairs

The stairs with all of the carpeting removed. The stairs have a very old linoleum as this house is very old [built in the 1920’s and moved to it’s current location in 1952] so carpeting and staples were very hard to removed. Took some effort along with 2 beers before we finished them.

basement remodel
Closeup of the bare stairway that goes upstairs.

I would have loved to have replaced some of the stairs, but task wise and time wise, it wasn’t feasible.


basement after
Ahh!! new carpeting

Vacuuming the new carpeting right after the install is something you need to do. Stray carpet staples don’t feel good on bare feet.

basement after
The angle view of the back wall

The carpet color goes very well with the new paint.

basement after
Vacuum Lines

It feels really good on the feet. Nice and plush but not like that 70’s shag.

basement after
A view of the newly carpeted stairs

The stairs turned out really good. The installers spent extra time to make them appear nice.

basement after
And a closeup of the carpeted steps

This project was well overdue, but now that it’s pretty much done [we added a new TV and couch], we can relax and wait for winter, which this is the room we spend a lot of time in.


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