Free Comic Book Day 2014

This year’s pick for Free Comic Book Day

Another year to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. This year, the line was longer because I started out earlier in the day [around 11:30am] and also, they closed the downtown Salt Lake City location of Night Flight Comics.

I was hoping to find the IDW Transformers vs. G.I. Joe, but I think those went pretty quick. So I picked up the Futures End #0 Special Edition. A good pick, it was.


aquaman 28
Another Aquaman for the small collection

Of course, I can’t just pick up my freebie and bolt out of the store. The whole purpose of Free Coomic Book Day is to support your local comic book store, which I did with two comics. Aquaman #28 in the New 52 series. I only have a few of these, but since Aquaman is my favorite super hero, it was a no brainer.

iron man
This looked like a great Iron Man title

And this Iron Man #013, which looks like it will be a great story.

See you all in 2015 for more Free Comic Book Day goodness.


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