Music Monday: Missed Performances

Over the years, I have seen many concerts, bands and shows. But there are a few, due to various circumstances, that I have regrettably missed. Here’s the ones that always come to mind when I hear the performers name.

Thanks to KevinAZ for asking the question on another blog post recently.


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July 31, 1993

One of the original punk bands to emerge from the L.A. area, I became a fan right away with their debut album “Los Angeles”. I actually had a ticket to see them at the end of July 1993 – X At Club DV8, but due to my car breaking down, I had to miss the show. I was major bummed and have been for years. The band is still together – all original members – and touring, but skipping Utah each time they go out. I might just have to travel to see them.

Rolling Stones

rolling stones
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I’ve been a fan of the Stones since the early 70’s when I used to hear them on the radio as a kid. They have been together over 50 years now and I really would like to see them live. And I’ve had a few chances as they’ve come to Utah a few times in the last 15 years, but either tickets are way too high or I’ve had a conflict where I’m not able to attend the concert. The last time they were in town, they had a very small number of $60 seats [before all of the service charges] which sold out very quickly. Perhaps these guys still have another round of US dates in 2015 so I can cross them off my list.

And now, for those live opportunities I missed and will NEVER get a chance to see again.

George Carlin

george carlin
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Back on May 16th, 2008, George Carlin was in Utah for a live performance. I thought about going, but I was in the middle of planning my wedding. I didn’t make the time nor invested in the cost of tickets to see what would be one of George’s final live performances.

While in Lake Tahoe for my wedding, I was watching the news and learned of George’s passing on June 22, 2008. Dammit! One of my favorite comedians and I had a chance to go see him without having to travel. I was major bummed and still am whenever I hear the “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television” routine.

Sam Kinison

sam kinison
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My all time favorite comedian is Sam Kinison. Yes, he’s raw, dirty, offensive and sometimes not all that politically correct. And I had a chance to see him in Vegas. But obviously, I didn’t take that chance.

One of my many tech visits to Las Vegas [I want to say 1989 or 1990], I wanted to go see Sam Kinison. But I was with others who were not even remotely interested in seeing the raw and uncensored comic. I chose to hang out with these guys, of which to this day, I don’t remember a single one of them or what we ended up doing that night. So when the news of Sam’s untimely death on April 10, 1992 broke, I was sad that I didn’t take that opportunity to see him live.


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December 16, 1993

This is probably my biggest missed concert regret. Nirvana played The Golden Spike Area just before Christmas in 1993. I had tickets to the show [they are most likely with my master concert ticket collection] as I did some work for our local alternative radio station here in Salt Lake. The show openers were The Breeders and The Melvins. I heard the show was great. So why didn’t I go?

Early in the day on the 16th, there was a major snow storm warning, which by late in the afternoon, the snow started coming down pretty good. I made the call that I didn’t want to drive in the heavy snow that night [we lived a good 2 hrs away] and just resolved myself to Nirvana next time they came through town.

On April 5th, 1994, Kurt Cobain took his own life and Nirvana broke up, never to perform again as the original trio. My thoughts of sadness were felt, not just for the loss of Cobain, but also that I should have made that trip to see Nirvana live.

Anyone else have those concerts they had an opportunity to see and wished they would have gone?


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