Banal Leakage – Ep #027


Episode 027

– Go Fourth North West :

  • – I am traveling this weekend to Vancouver, WA and Seattle. This is being recorded while away from my home studio; I packed my microphone and laptop. To you the listener, there shouldn’t be any difference in the audio or recording.
  • – Hope everyone had a safe and awesome 4th of July; Independence Day here in the US to celebrate the founding fathers signing of the Declaration of Independence.
  • fireworks

  • News – Story 1: Fireworks are everywhere
  • – most states held some kind of fireworks show; here in Vancouver, WA it was at Fort Vancouver, where they had all sorts of food booths, dancing, signing, entertainment…. although we didn’t go; 65,000 people expected; we hung out at my wife’s sister’s house with neighbors and had good food, drink and social time; fireworks were a plenty from nearby that peeked over the tall trees; lasted until at least 11pm; other shows in the nation had many fans gathering to see the big displays; most states have various local restrictions on what kind of fireworks can be purchased; ariel fireworks are the most popular to ban and light off; dry areas have a good reason to keep a lid on brush fires; I’ve liked fireworks since I was a kid and still enjoy them as an adult.
    – Link to article: Fort Vancouver Fireworks Show

  • News – Story 2: Washington State opens first stores to sell marijuana legally
  • – both WA and CO passed voter referendums to legalize personal use of marijuana; Colorado has been selling it since January 1st; WA state took their time and drug their feet, finally leading up to this week’s open of businesses; supply is very limited at this time, which makes legal pot almost $800 for an ounce; once supply gets better, then prices should drop; this experiment of states selling a drug that is illegal on a federal level is a good thing to see; I’m not much of pot smoker these days (a few times in the last 5 years), but I support this and hope it ends up a success for both states; WA residents are eager here, according to stories in the news; hoping to see more states join in this grand experiment.
    – Link to article: Legal Weed in Washington Goes On Sale

  • News – Story 3: Open Carry proponents not helping their cause
  • – Target became the latest retail business to suggest (they didn’t ban) open carry demonstrators to not bring guns into their stores; the list of other businesses is growing; not sure what point they are trying to get across, other than shock and awe; I understand their concern, but taking things too far; I’m ok with gun ownership; I’m not ok with brandishing semi automatic weapons out in the public; most of these open carry have a dislike and/or hate for the middle east and what they portray; rebel army fighters in the streets of Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan all brandishing guns in the public; they dislike those they are trying to become; wish the focus was on more peace and kindness and not feeling like you need the fire power of a small army every time you venture out into the public.
    – Link to article: Target requests customers don’t bring firearms into stores in ‘open carry’ states
    spot the difference

  • RANT: Washington State Liquor Prices Confusing
  • – The liquor sales used to be controlled by the state; but them voter approved a deal to privatize liquor sales; that happened in 2013 and people were confused by some of the new prices; prices went up thanks to a flat rate, which makes a $14.99 bottle of vodka cost an extra $3.77; but that’s not the only tax; there’s also a tax of 20.5% tacked on to each bottle of hard liquor (beer is excluded in these price changes); yes, you can now purchase liquor in grocery stores and in places like BevMo, but at a higher cost; most drinking residents that live here in Vancouver that want to save money, can easily drive less than 20 miles to Hayden Island in Oregon to save on the taxes; perhaps changes could be made in the future, but for now, you end up paying more of the convenience of driving to your local Safeway or Fred Meyer.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Saw New Order live in concert
  • – this was my first time seeing the band live; I’ve been a fan since 1983; since they didn’t have any dates in Utah for this tour (not surprised), I traveled to Seattle to see them with friends; great venue, awesome show; Bernard Sumner still had a great vocal range; No Peter Hook on bass (he left in 2007) but Tom Chapman cloned his bass lines quite well; even new songs were played “Singularity” and “Plastic” very synth heavy sound; Got to be upfront (the floor was general admission) for the entire show, even getting front row for the last two songs; I love their music and glad I finally got to see them live after 31 years.

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