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Episode 021

– Seasons in the Sun :

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  • – Recording this on Tuesday as it was a very busy holiday weekend here. Still took a moment to remember those who have served; would love to see the day when war is not a part of our present.
  • – The start of my favorite season. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, it’s fun in the sun that I look forward to; here in Utah, it’s like a light switch; days before Memorial Day, it’s cold and windy; then come Monday, it’s nice and warm – at least most years; the bonus is finding friends with swimming pools that I can lounge next to with a nice cold adult beverage.
  • oregon same-sex marriage

  • News – Story 1: Oregon and Pennsylvania are the next states to legalize marriage equality
  • – This last week we added two more states to those that made same-sex marriage legal here in the US; federal judges in both states struck down the bans on gay marriage as being unconstitutional and the bans were designed to harm and restrict a group of people for no reason at all; it seems this is not going to stop as more states realize that marriage equality is evident; of course, there are those who fight against it with all of their might, using that stupid “will of the people” argument; I’ve gone off about that in previous episodes; Someday, we will look back at all of this and wonder why it took so long to be legal; civil rights are not to be put to the vote of the people because just about every time, the people will vote to restrict or remove a right from those they feel are a threat or not wanted in society. Damn these mindless fools that are not on the history of equality.
    – Link to article: Federal judge strikes down Oregon’s same-sex marriage ban

  • News – Story 2: UC Santa Barbara shooter kills 6, himself
  • – Elliot Rodgers did a drive by as class was letting out and opened fire, taking down 6 students; many more injured; his mantra was outlined in a YouTube video as well as a 140 page document that was found; his parents tried to warm authorities; they interviewed him and found him to be nice and pleasant; of course he was; can’t let the cops think you are up to something; these random but planned shooting need to stop; lawmakers and gun lobby find ways to brush these stories under the rug; they don’t want negative for guns; Since Sandy Hook, we’ve had numerous more deaths; you would think those on the pro-gun side would want to diffuse these shootings with a bit of sympathy; nary a peep out of them; some are brazen enough to even treat dead children and students as just fodder; I know there are responsible gun owners, but these tragedies need to be addressed with some solid options and steps to reduce the deaths from guns.
    – Link to article: Calif. shooter Rodger flew ‘under the radar’

  • News – Story 3: Median CEO pay reaches $10 million in 2013
  • – even with some boards of companies limited compensation, the increases over the years have been insane; don’t get me started on my issues with CEOs and their paychecks and how much money they get, both in cash and stocks; most do not help companies; they are there to get the cash, regardless of well the company does; mergers are another one of my pet peeves; perhaps I should have saved this for my rant; a CEO makes about 257 times more than the average salary of a regular worker; this is just wrong in my book; you look at companies that are doing poorly and you can do the research and see there the money went; a lot to the top tier, including CEOs that make decisions that cause the company to lose money; I’m all for preventing more government restrictions to reel in these money grabbing heads of companies, but something needs to be done to reduce what they CEOs make.
    – Link to article: Median CEO Pay Crosses $10 Million in 2013

  • RANT: Mowing the lawn
  • – I’ve been mowing lawns since I was a young teen, when my neighbor would pay me $5 a week to use my own mower and gas to cut their lawn; having been in homes with larger yards, including for the last 13 years I’ve been with my wife, you would think I get used to it; not a chance; it’s a laborious task that I find a necessary one, even though I don’t deal with the grass, the dirt, the dust, the trying to get all of the grass clippings into the bag; I’ve found that I can get through it without too much bitching after having a couple of alcoholic drinks and having my music cranked; Killswitch Engage and Marilyn Manson are easy favorites to keep pushing me to push the mower (it is self propelled) and finish in under an hour; I look forward to the days of having a smaller yard or paying someone to mow it for me.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: 11 years on my current job on May 19th
  • – last episode I used my shameless plug to celebrate 11 years being smoke free; there is a connection here; I quit smoking the Friday before I started the job I’m at now, which means I’ve never once taken a smoke break; going on my 29th year as a Network Admin; started building NetWare servers; now work on Cisco UCS and VMware vCenter; also Exchange Server admin; interviewing and hoping to not celebrate 12 years at my current employer.

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