RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

Gone too soon.

At the age of 46 years old, Philip Seymour Hoffman has died all too young.

When I heard the news from my daughter, I immediately jumped online and started reading the news stories. Hard to believe that he was just at Sundance 20 days ago promoting two films, neither of which I was able to see.

I admit to being broken and torn up when I heard this news. I respected his work, seeing many of the movies he was in over the years.


The tragic method of death was his heroin addiction, which he had gone 23 years clean before a setback about a year ago. Addiction is a real thing to many people both famous and not and to watch someone go through the pain of it all is hard. Especially when it results in the loss of life, as it did with Mr. Hoffman.

Favorite Scene

Almost Famous is my favorite movie of all time and there was a performance that Mr. Hoffman gave that blew me away. I had seen other performances of his, like Freddie Miles in “The Talented Mr. Ripley” that were so good. But my love for music drew me to his portrayal of Lester Bangs, the editor of Creem magazine.

Now each time I watch this scene and many others, it will be a sad reminder we lost as great actor.

Check out the NY Times article below for some expanded details about his life and career.

  • NY Times: Philip Seymour Hoffman Actor Dies at 46

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