Banal Leakage – Ep #005


I plead the 5th (episode, that is). Press play above.

Episode 005

  • Title: 30 Years Ago
  • – last day of January; this month went by pretty quick; recording this on Saturday (Feb 1st) morning;
  • – I turned 50 last year, which means I was 20 during the first half of 1984; cell phones weighed 4 lbs; internet was a University of Utah experiment
  • News – Story 1: Motley Crue calling it quits after 33 years together
  • – a bit longer than 30 years ago; first album came out in 1981; going on on top; signed legal letter of cessation; no members can tour under the name Motley Crue with other members; yes, they did this with John Corabi and Randy Castillo, replacing Vince Neil and Tommy Lee; calling it a Final Tour, not a Farewell Tour; too many other bands have done many years of Farewell Tours that never end.
    – Link to post: Tour Tuesday: RIP Mötley Crüe

  • News – Story 2: Los Angeles Raiders win Super Bowl XVIII; 38-9
  • – beat Washington Redskins in a blowout in Super Bowl XVIII (18) on January 22nd 1984; with Super Bowl XLVIII (48) this weekend; the Raiders have been my NFL team since they first moved to Los Angeles in 1982; used to go games at LA Coliseum; hard to be proud fan with this season of 4-12; haven’t done much since their return in January 2003 for Super Bowl XXXVII (37), which they lost to Tampa Bay; someday once again, I can be proud to be called a Raiders fan.
    – Link to article: Super Bowl XVIII

  • News – Story 3: Macintosh Turns 30
  • – on January 24th; ad was shown only once two days earlier in Super Bowl XVIII (18); i’ve been a Mac owner since 1985 with the Fat Mac; first computer was Atari 800; have owned various other Macs throughout the years; people enjoy using a Mac over Windows; in 2005, got a Mac mini G4 and have fully embraced all Apple products since; now use a MacBook Pro late 2008 model; looking forward to owning many more future Macs (Mac Pro)
    – Link to article: 30 Years of Innovation

  • RANT: Coming into work sick?
  • – don’t. Just stay home; don’t infect the office with your flu; winter time means more sickness stays inside; management mentality forces people to come in; also, those who save sick days for fun time instead of using the day for when you are really sick.

  • – I’ve had a Fitbit Ultra for sometime, but it stopped working some time ago; out of warranty; support offered a Fitbit One for half price; Thanks to Kapgar for his twitter and blog talk of his Fitbit goals; the One adds sleep tracking; working towards average of 10k steps a day; I used the Mobile tracker on my iPhone 5s; recorded steps and basic activity; I’ll be adding food and water tracking soon

  • Ending

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