LEGO Holiday Train

lego christmas train
LEGO Christmas Train all built

To usher in the start of the Christmas season, I give you a small LEGO set I picked up last week. The LEOG Holiday Train, which I also deem the LEGO Christmas Train.

lego christmas train
the package

The cheaper and smaller little sets like this use a cellophane-like packaging that pretty much gets put into the recycle bin. Once the set gets built, it goes into one of my LEGO collection boxes, alongside similar under $10 sets.

lego christmas train
Close up view of the train all built

The build time was about 10 mins. For 82 pieces, it was pretty easy. Since it’s a two part train, it added some extra fun finding all of the right parts needed.

lego christmas train
Extra parts for the train

As with some LEGO sets, they come with extra pieces. The two red and white candy canes are part of the set. I decided to put all of the extra pieces together, which fit nicely in the second car.

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