JFK – 50 Years Later

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I was barely three months old when President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, TX.

I imagine my mom, my brother and my sister remember that moment and continued to remember for many years.


This nation has a history of events that changed the lives of many people. Those who personally experienced the event and those who learned about it in the news. Significant events, such as the Kennedy Assassination, alter our country’s history in a way that brings out emotions and fears. Those feelings that we all express are real in every since of the word. Real because it’s a change that we don’t want to repeat, especially when it comes to the killing of the leader of a country.

I studied the assassination in college in US History class, on an extended level. While at that time (1986) there were many unanswered questions, there was a change that began in 1992, where the Warren Commission investigational records were publicly released. Granted, not all of them. There’s still 50,000 records that are awaiting public release. But enough to give the public an idea of what kind of investigation was done to find the answers.

Zapruder Film


Part of the records release was the only amateur video that was shot, which captured the assassination that day by Abraham Zapruder, a businessman who used to film many events. After that day, he lost all interest in filming. This CBS Sunday Morning story shares many details of him and his life.


And while I have zero recollection of the events that happened on November 22, 1963, I do have a memory of the history I’ve read and studied. And I will never forget the events of that day.


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