iPhone 5s

iphone 5s
Proud owner of a new iPhone 5s

I upgraded my phone yesterday. I changed mobile carriers.

I am a happy guy.

This is the fastest phone I have ever used. Emails open without hesitation. iTunes Radio has moved me into the mobile music streaming world. LTE is as speedy as everyone else says it is [just about matching the speeds I get on my Comcast cable modem connection at home]. iOS 7 is a breeze with very little in the way of “WTF” moments.

I Have The Touch

touch id
Touch ID works flawlessly

I even eschew any NSA worries or concerns and have instantly embraced the fingerprint scanner. Quick to teach it my thumbprint and each and every time, it unlocks the screen.

More details later after I get used to all of this new iPhone awesomeness, but wanted to post my immediate thoughts on the new iPhone 5s.

My wife even upgraded her piece of shit Samsung Replenish, which dropped about 30 calls a week [no exaggeration] to a nice and shiny blue iPhone 5C.

It’s nice to love your phone again.


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