Music Monday: Tears For Fears “Ready To Start”

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Most of you know I’ve been a big Tears For Fears fan since the very beginning. 1985’s “Songs From The Big Chair” cemented my fan status, as I played that album so often, I wore out a cassette.

I follow Curt Smith on Twitter and recently, he and the Tears For Fears Twitter account [which he tweets from as well] announced a new song by the pop duo.

This time it’s a cover of Arcade Fire’s “Ready To Start” – listen below.

Sofa King Back

songs from the big sofa
Songs from the Big Sofa
Original image found at Tears For Fears Tumblr

I really like this cover a lot. A nice re-imagination of the song, done with some modern flair and beats.

Can’t wait to hear more. The new album should be out by the end of the year.


Rolling Stone: Tears for Fears Cover Arcade Fire’s ‘Ready to Start’


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