Music Monday: Pixies and NIN


Late last week, we were presented with a new song by the Pixies. Not a snippet. Not a 30-second preview of some video clip. But the entire new song. And a new video of that new song “BAGBOY”

And they are giving the song away for free: click belowDownload BAGBOY

So about this new song. It fucking rocks!! Big time. This is classic Pixies sound, with even the chorus of “Bagboy” being sung by what sounds like Kim Deal. But wait a minute… didn’t Kim Deal recently announce she left the band? She did.

So who is her replacement, at least on the vocals in this new song? According to multiple sources, including Black Francis, it’s not Kim Deal, but someone named Jeremy Dubs, who nails Kim’s vocals down to a science. Fooled this long time Pixies fan.

Bring on the new album.

Came Back Haunted Music Video

When you make a music video that has a warning that it has the ability to induce seizures in some people, and it’s directed by David Lynch, and it’s a new song by Nine Inch Nails… AND it’s got Trent Reznor in it.. it’s got to be good, right?

I actually do like this video on some levels. It is a nice throwback to the 90’s when NIN made great music and extremely creative music videos. This one reminds me of “Closer”, in how the video goes back and forth in an erratic manner.

On the level of being creative, I will give David Lynch props here, but I see he’s gotten stuck with the one type of camera action and Trent’s face. I was hoping for more scenes with the seizure-induing movements.

Regardless, as I posted a bit ago, I like this song and I think it’s progressive in what a 2013 version of Nine Inch Nails would be.

Bring on the new album.


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