TINTFA 2013 – 4th Update


Posting my 4th update for the year, but on the 5th month. And more than 5 days after the first of the month.


  • Eat Right
  • – I’ve been at 172.5 lbs for pretty much the entire month of April. With an upcoming vacation in less than 2 days (Los Cabos – Cabo San Lucas) I really wanted to get down to 170 lbs, But didn’t quite happen. I wasn’t ready to give up some treats and alcohol. Hey, I see this as a positive thing that I am able to maintain a weight. Still have a goal to be at 165 lbs by May 31st. After I return from Mexico, I will be needing to make some changes to make this happen.

    – Since my daughter moved in with us more than a month ago, I’ve been fixing more meals. Trying to keep them to a healthy level with vegetables and a reasonable portion size.

  • Daily Exercise
  • – I made it to the gym 19 days for the calendar month of April. Trying to keep it around 20 days a month for health purposes. And because I like working out. And because the gym in only 3 blocks from my house.

Video Podcast

  • From The Jigger
  • – So I didn’t get a microphone last month. Which puts me a bit behind here. The podcast is still slated for later this month. I still have to put together some sample footage to post. Moving my Adult Beverages web site to a new host in a couple of weeks, so there will be some major design changes, which will accomodate the video podcasts
    – The general format of the podcast will be an intro, something related to making drinks – normally showing how to mix up a particular recipe – and a fun and clever segment each episode that focuses on drinking. Also, plan to introduce footage from my visits to some local bars and have the bartender make a drink, so it won’t be just my mug you see on every episode. Very excited about this, but still so much more to do.

Writing Fiction Novels

  • Three Book Series
  • – Same as last month: Progress on Heaven Forrest is moving forward. Characters are completed. Hollow Mountain is still at the same place it was last month: 2500 words complete with a good 75% character development. I am hoping to make some great progress on book 2, with an eye towards book 3 as I build the outline for it, which I’ve placed on the back burner for now, trying to get the first two books finished.

Scooter Sunday

  • Season 5
  • – Season 5 never happened in April, but it is happening in May. Working on the first 3 episodes now and really trying to get them done here in the next two days [as I will be gone all next week without any time nor equipment to edit videos]. My distractions get the better of me, regardless of how much I am wanting to get these first few episodes done for May. Again, the goal is to make at least 12 episodes this year. I just need to keep pushing on.

Progress In My Middle Name

Just like Goldie Wilson running for Mayor, I am doing my best to keep things moving. Some road bumps here and there, but for the most part, wanting to complete these TINTFAs.


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