GIVEAWAY #3 – 5 Years

google play gift card
Original photo found on Android Central

For giveaway #3, it’s a $10 Google Play gift card. This is for all of you Google/Android lovers.


Yes, there are rules. Have to have rules… otherwise, there are some that will take funs things like giveaways and turn them into a sad thing.

  • To enter, leave a comment – any comment will do. Even a single “WANT” works.
  • Only one entry per person. You can comment as many times as you want on this post, but I will only count your name once.
  • Entries are accepted until April 28, 2013. That is when this particular giveaway ends.
  • If you win once, you can win again on the other 4 giveaways.
  • I will count up the number of entries per giveaway and enter that total into a random number generator. Whatever number gets picked, wins that giveaway.
  • Shipping is included [if it’s a physical item that’s part of the giveaway]

Two More Chances

Before the end of the month I will post two more giveaways. There will be one more this week with the final giveaway being posted on April 30th.

Best of Luck

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