TINTFA 2013 – March Update


Update number 2 for the year, right here, right now.


  • Eat Right
  • – Holding steady at 173.5 lbs. I’ve not done that good of a job this last month of treating to eat better, nor have I done a bad job of eating bad. With an upcoming vacation in May (Los Cabos – Cabo San Lucas) I want to make sure I reduce that weight and try to do a better job of eating in April, so that when I eat and drink without abandon south of the border, I can come back and get back to my diet.

    – The three meals a week I fix is more like one meal a week during the month of March. I do make healthy choices like pork, vegetables, potatoes in sensible portions. Salads are normally included as well.

  • Daily Exercise
  • – Thanks to my 7-days in-a-row workout burst at the end of the month [which I posted on Facebook each day], I worked out a total of 20 days for the month. I made it a point to go back to the gym instead of working out at home for two reasons: 1) motivation to get up and go and 2) my wife’s increased exercise on the treadmill at home, which conflicts with my morning workouts.

Video Podcast

  • From The Jigger
  • – I now have a video light that I purchased (pictured below). This will be used with a soft cover to help keep focus on the subject when filming the episodes. Next up for purchase in April is a wireless microphone. I’ve done enough test footage to know that these were the two biggest things I needed for proper filming and clearer audio.

Writing Fiction Novels

  • Three Book Series
  • – Progress on Heaven Forrest is moving forward. Characters are completed. Hollow Mountain is still at the same place it was last month: 2500 words complete with a good 70% character development. I am hoping to make some great progress on book 2, with an eye towards book 3 as I build the outline for it.

Scooter Sunday

  • Season 5
  • – YES!! No more delays like last year. Season 5 is coming later this month. If the weather will cooperate, I anticipate the first episode coming in 3 weeks on April 21st. Now, not that I am trying to delay this any further, but that might slip to April 28th, but I am pushing myself to stick to that date with the season opening episode.

Making the Push

As I come up on some deadlines for the start of these projects, I am making a bigger push on myself to stay on top of these TINTFA’s and make 2013 a great year.

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