After taking an extra month at the end of 2012 [a.k.a. January 2013], I am back with TINTFA for 2013 – complete with a new logo. [cause you know that makes it so much more awesome!]

Why the extra month? Due to travel to Las Vegas for CES and non-personal projects [read: day job demands] that would have further taken my focus away from completing this year’s tasks/accomplishments/goals, it was best to just tell the last 5 weeks “not going to stress”.

2012 was a mixed bag for me, given I still had so many items on the list that I did ok with and one success (working out and losing weight), but still feeling like I didn’t really make significant progress – or at least the amount I intended to. I always told myself “there is always next year” as I reached each month and looking at the stack of books and other projects that didn’t get the attention they should have.

So with that, here’s my list of TINTFAs that I am determined to not just list and document my progress each month, but actually accomplish and celebrate my long-term battle with distractions that have kept me from marking them complete. There will be items on this list that continue each month and there will be new ones added along the way, with start dates and details.


  • Eat Right
  • – My love of tasty meals aside, I admit to getting tired of keeping track of everything I ate. It made a big improvement and I did lose a decent amount of weight, but it wasn’t helping me reach my goal of 165 lbs. I’m at 176 today.
    – From late November (basically Thanksgiving), I added that extra 6 lbs to my body.

    GOAL: get back to using MyFitnessPal to track what I eat and get to 165 lbs by the end of May (or sooner), and reducing fried foods, most fast food, with a once a week day to indulge on a few items I really don’t want to give up [i love you, bacon and gummy worms]

  • Daily Exercise
  • – Since the last week of November 2011, I have worked out at least once a week. The last 3 months have been pretty much only once a week, with the last 4 weeks of no gym visits.
    – I have been using the treadmill we have at home, but it’s not enough for my endorphins and for my overall physical psyche.

    GOAL: a minimum of 45 mins of treadmill each day, at home or at the gym to keep up my cardio, and doing it for more than 8 weeks in a row before changing my workout regimen.

Video Podcast

  • From The Jigger
  • – this is related to my Adult Beverages site/project and is a video podcast focused on mixing and consuming drinks. Mixing it up is what I want to do, with not just showing how to mix drinks, but bar tending discussion, visits to bars, guest experts and all with a large dose of fun and creativity
    – I am working with a local bar tender to help with getting episode ideas, correct terminology and talent. It’s not just going to be my mug you see in these podcasts.

    GOAL: get all needed equipment, test video footage, actors, guests, hosts, scripts, and first 12 episodes written before the first episode goes live Memorial Day weekend.

Writing Fiction Novels

  • Three Book Series
  • – I talked about these on my last TINTFA update of 2012. The first book is called Heaven Forrest, book two is called Hollow Mountain. I have not revealed the title of book three, but will next year sometime.
    – I am 60% done with Heaven Forrest and character development and storyline complete with Hollow Mountain. Heaven Forrest is well over 12 years in the making so it’s about time it gets completed and published.

    GOAL: Both books done and ready to go into ebook stores by the end of September.

Additions To TINTFA

In April, I will be adding Scooter Sunday to this list, which will be back in full force for the long delayed and long overdue Season 5.

And as I reach completion on other things I add as the year goes on, they will get replaced with another TINTFA item. It became obvious to me last year that I not only managed my TINTFAs poorly, but I think I was overwhelmed by my distractions with way too many items.

Wish me luck in my battle to manage and kick the ass of each one of my distractions as I make 2013 the year of me repeating the phrase “I FUCKING ACCOMPLISHED IT!”.


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