Music Monday: Depeche Mode “Heaven”

DM Heaven
Depeche Mode’s new single “Heaven”
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One of my all time favorite bands has a new album coming out March 26th called “Delta Machine” They released the first single last week called “Heaven”

Odd Choice

On the first few listens to the new song, it seemed like an odd choice, given this band’s history with lead singles from previous albums like “Enjoy The Silence” and “Wrong” which are strong in just about every way. But while there is no denying the barritone vocals of Dave Gahan and the higher background vocals from Martin Gore, this song just fell flat for me.

Until I played it a good 40 times over this last weekend. Then it sank in a bit more as a decent song. But a song from your favorite band shouldn’t need to be played that much to really grab you. Which it’s still not completely grabbing me. I don’t hate the song by any stretch, but it is making me want to hear the rest of the album now and how the other songs on the album are, compared to this lead single.

So readers, what say you about this new song from Depeche Mode?


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