Music Monday: Prince “Screwdriver”

Prince Screwdriver
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There is new music by Prince. And it’s free online… wait, WHAT? Are we sure we are talking about the same Prince who pulled all of his stuff offline years ago? Yep. Same talented and eccentric musician.


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Fresh Prince

I’ve been a big Prince fan for years, even though I think some of the weird shit he’s done is pretty much out there. But there’s no denying this guy is really good. So when he’s been musically silent for the last couple of years, you take notice when even a single new song is released.

This song reminds me a lot of a song he did for his Hits/B-Sides collection called “Peach”. Very rock like and has a great flow and sound. “Screwdriver” brings some of that retro sound back. With a nice bit of that familiar Prince funk. I like it after a few listens and it’s giving me hope that maybe we will see more from the Purple One here in the new year.

So what do you think?

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  1. Not too sure what to make of that track. Perhaps it will grow on me. I was a big Prince fan back in the day. Saw him twice in concert. Sign O’ The Times is one of the classic albums of all time. He really dropped off the radar for me after the Graffiti Bridge album for one reason or another. (Checks Prince discography on Wikipedia) So, wow, that means I’m only something like 20+ albums behind. That guy has released a lot of albums in the past 23 years!

    1. martymankins says:

      I’ve seen Prince live 3 times, counting a club show he did in Salt Lake City back in 2000. Some of his albums are hit and miss with me. The Gold Experience and RaveUn2TheJoy Fantastic are two favorites from the late 90’s and 2000. I’m more a fan of Sign O’ The Times and before for the majority of his work.

      The new song is growing on me. The start is the harest part to get past on the first few listens.

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