Retro: Buzz Cola

buzz cola
Buzz Cola circa 2007

Back in 2007, when The Simpsons Movie came out, there was a lot of products from the animated show that became real products. Like Buzz Cola.

buzz cola
Burst and spilled in storage

The cola in the cans was pretty much RC Cola [or some slight variant] and I ended up getting a couple of six-packs of it. Fast forward to this week when I found that my last two cans I had held onto finally did the leak and burst. Turns out soda doesn’t keep that long in aluminum cans, eventually expiring in many ways.

buzz cola
Real cola based on a movie product

I got lucky with these last couple of cans in that they lasted over 5 years [has it really been over 5 years since “The Simpsons Movie” came out?]

buzz cola
Read the label before consuming

Nutrition wise, Buzz Cola was no more healthier than most other colas on the market

buzz cola
Nothing like a cola almsot 5 years past it’s expiration

These last two cans were kept to save them, but once they burst, I had to finally believe the real expiration date. I did pour a bit of the remaining cola in a glass and took a sip. Pretty horrible since it had lost it’s fizz.

I wish they would have made some Buzz Cola in bottles for memorabilia purposes.


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