TINTFA 2012 – 8 Month Update

8 Months and 5 days into the 2012 TINTFA progress. This one’s a bit different than my previous 7.

  • Reading Books
  • – More than half way through Adam Carolla’s “In 50 Years We Will All Be Chicks” – Would love to finish this book in August so I can move onto other books in my pile. I also bought his newest book “Not Taco Bell Material” in iBook format, which will get read. So hoping I can actually finish his first one first.

  • Exercise
  • – I am now at a total of 40 weeks that I’ve been going to the gym with three visits a week. I’m holding at 13 lbs lost from when I started at the beginning of December 2011. Chin and belly [which are still a main focus] still needing some help going away. I quit tracking everything I eat almost a month ago, as I have changed how I eat enough to stabilize my changes in the type of foods I ear. I allow myself an indulgence every so often, but not too much to throw my body off track. Still using MyFitnessPal as a search tool to see what items are when eating out.

  • Blogging
  • – The launch date for Adult Beverages is now September 15th as a blog, adding a video podcast, worldwide liquor laws and a drink recipe search function for future additions. Still actively tweeting from the @adultbeverages account and enjoying posting pictures of the drinks I have at home, at friend’s house, at bars and at social functions.
    – I am pretty passionate about this project and it’s one that is taking a decent amount of my time, not to mention the efforts to stay focused on it.

Other Updates

As for the other updates, I decided to omit them this month since there’s not been hardly any progress on them. I still love making videos and riding my scooter and writing and I do make very minor progress on these items, but I didn’t want to just copy and paste the same thing from last month – mostly because I AM tired of not making progress on them.

From a personal life perspective, there are things I am doing at this time to help me keep everything in motion and getting help to majorly reduce my distractions. I will blog about this at some point.

I will back next month with more updates, hoping to have a lot of details not included in this month’s update.

As always I really do appreciate the support and comments from my readers.


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