Twenty Years From Now…

Twenty Years mark twain
Not from Mark Twain, but from H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I saw this the other day and it hit me pretty hard because just over twenty years ago, I was starting my path into the writing world with my own newsletter. Then many, many freelance gigs for several publications for the next six years. Then my life took a turn where I focused on other things that I deemed more important.

I sit here today working my way back into a writing career and I don’t want to take a twenty year look back and wish I would have kept going.

My push for great things in 2012 continue.

NOTE: the above quote is NOT from Mark Twain, but from H. Jackson Brown, Jr. (actually his mother said it, he just published it in a book called “P.S. I Love You”) Thanks to my friend Steve Trottier for his work to find the real author of this quote.


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