No More Oink

oink app
The main following feed of Oink

One week from today, the Oink app will cease to update. Milk Inc, the development incubator founded by Kevin Rose, ended up shutting down Oink once him and other members of his team took offers from Google.

Oink’s goal was to build cred in certain items and subjects, checking into them and then posting a small review about said products or subjects.

oink app
Building cred…

I rather enjoyed this app. Very well designed, thought out and implemented. Yes, it was yet another social check in app that needed to be updated, but I liked it’s ability to check into a thing, not always having to link to a place – even though most of the time, it was the norm. I was mostly trying to build cred in alcohol and bacon and was doing quite well.

I will miss this app, even though I admit to liking the idea of not having to manage the social aspect of Oink updates.

Anyone else use Oink? What did you think of it? Sad to see it go?


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