Music Monday: Miniature Tigers “Female Doctor”

Mia Pharaoh
The album cover for Mia Pharaoh, which comes out March 6th, 2012

My regular readers know that I really like Miniature Tigers. My daughter introduced me to them a few years ago and I’ve really embraced their sound, which has some hints of island sounds and tropical musical highlights.

In between mini tours, they have been hard at work on a new album and have recently released the details. It’s called “Mia Pharaoh” and it comes out on March 6th. Here’s the track listing:

  1. Sex On The Regular
  2. Female Doctor
  3. Cleopatra
  4. Afternoons With David Hockney
  5. Easy As All That
  6. Flower Door
  7. Boomerang
  8. Ugly Needs
  9. Angel Bath
  10. Husbands and Wives

Here’s the video to their lastest song “Female Doctor”

Last year, they released the single “Boomerang” which I played quite often and is officially released with this new album. It’s a wonderfully catchy song. And if “Female Doctor” sounds anything like the other 8 tracks on the album, this slightly more pop sound of this indie band will explode them into the mainstream this year.


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