LEGOLand 2011

legoland entrance
That’s me at the entrance to LEGOLand California

Back a few weeks ago after my trip to Las Vegas, I ended up at LEGOLand in California. Anyone that knows me knows I’ve had a life long love for LEGO bricks. And of course, at almost 50 years of age, I still love LEGOs. So what better place to visit than a theme park made from LEGOs.

VIP pass
My ticket to FREEdom

The cost to get into LEGOLand is $70 a person. But as a member of the VIP Club at, I got a pass for two free tickets to get in [good only during the last week of October], which means my wife didn’t have to sit in the car the whole time while I geeked out on LEGOs.

VIP pass
VIP has it privileges

Once I presented the printed VIP pass along with my VIP card at the ticket booth and was given two passes to get into the theme park.

sealife aquarium
Sea-Life Aquarium

Backing up half a day, we decided to go to the Brick Or Treat event held the night before, which we did purchase tickets for. The park was open for 4 hours at night, and is mostly an event for families and their kids to dress up for Halloween and get candy and ride the rides and see the LEGOLand at night.

Surfs Up!

Attached to LEGOLand is a place called Sea Life, which is an aquarium. It’s live sea creatures mixed with LEGO creations. It’s not that big, but there’s still lots to see. And since it was included in the Brick Or Treat event, we had to experience it.

They even put LEGO figures underwater. Pretty cool.

spongebob marty
I got to meet the LEGO version of Spongebob Squarepants

brick or treat
Brick Or Treat.. it’s the LEGO version of Trick Or Treat

As I mentioned above, this Saturday night event during October is mostly for the little ones that want candy and to see all sorts of LEGO creations. The whole park is lit up and decorated Halloween Style.


pumpkin reba marty
LEGO pumpkin

The next day was a full day at LEGOLand. The park was open till 5pm, so we didn’t want to waste any time seeing everything. And of course my wife and I had to have our picture taken in the LEGO pumpkin.

indiana jones
Touch the skull… if you are up to it!

No matter where you go in the park, there’s all sorts of LEGO characters. For example, one of the shops had this life size Indiana Jones.

darth vader
I am not your son!

And what LEGO creation wouldn’t be complete without LEGO Star Wars. Life size characters….

star wars
a scene right out of the movie.

… and miniature sized… it’s all wonderful Star Wars creations.

star wars
Ewoks, Troopers and Jedis… OH MY!!

The details in these creations is so awesome. Made me want to reach right down and … nope, had to restrain myself.

star wars
Don’t upset the Wookie

We had our photo taken with life size Chewbacca and R2-D2. I’ve never been this close to a Wookie.

mt rushmore
Four Score and 200,000 bricks ago…

One of the rides in the park is a boat ride, similar to Jungle Cruise at Disneyland, but instead of fake animals, this was LEGO creations. Mt. Rushmore in all it’s glory.


Even the major buildings found in NYC have been painstakingly recreated in their smaller versions, including the new Freedom Tower under construction.

las vegas
Las Vegas

Part of the Miniature Land is a hotel by hotel LEGO version of Vegas.

golden gate
Golden Gate Bridge

Other cities of the US were present, including San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge looks so real.


If you ever find yourself in Carlsbad, CA or Orlando, FL and are a fan of LEGOs, you should go. Doesn’t matter if you have kids or not. Just go and enjoy the many wonderful creations made from our favorite brick.

Photo Link

To see all of the photos I took [yes, there are even more, check out my Flickr album.


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