The Snow Is Back

snow hill

Which means only one thing… well, maybe a few more things like shoveling, cold, tracking snow into the house… but….

The Return of Snowy Sunday

Yes, I have been filming and am working on videos. I am really going to try and beat last year’s measly six videos I made [by leaps and bounds] and put myself in edit mode uploading videos all winter long. Whatever weird funk that 2010 has done to my creative side will be shaken off going into 2011. Clay, LEGO minifigs and yours truly (and a host of other guests, places, events and items) will be making the snow and cold as fun and enjoyable as I can make it.

And if I fail, you can bury me in the snow [or I may just bury myself and film the whole thing].

The Last Snowbender

We got dumped two Sundays in a row here in the Salt Lake valley. Out of all the captured scenes, these next few photos amazed me. They remind me of something both Kevin bloggers (Chicago and Phoenix) would take.

snow bending
the cold temps warmed up just enough to allow the snow to melt into a curve

snow bending
the view from the driveway level (which isn’t very level at all)

snow bending
the snow pulled away from the fence

Stay tuned for some winter wonderland digital fun! We are in for a long season.


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