The Days Just Slip Away

I enjoyed a four day weekend here this past weekend, although the original plans changed a bit.

My wife and I wanted to head out to Wendover for her birthday [which was on Monday, Aug 3rd]. The idea was to stay two days at the Wendover Nugget gambling, hang out at the pool, eat and gambling some more. We get there to check in and saw this sign:

Pool closed

So we look at the girl checking us in and the following conversation ensues :

Me: So the pool is closed today and tommorrow?
Girl: Yes it is.
Me: Can we use the pool across the street over at Montego Bay?
Girl: No. That pool is only available to guests of Montego Bay
Me: But you own Montego Bay. That seems a bit odd, doesn’t it?
Girl: I’m not sure. But it’s not available
Me: Ok.
Girl: Would you like a room overlooking the pool?
Me: Um, if it’s going to be closed, no.

At this point, we check in, head up to our room, run down to the discount liquor store and enjoy the next 18 hours of gambling, drinking and eating.

After that swimless fun, we decide to head back to Salt Lake. I still have the day off for Tuesday and I still want to lay out and try to tan my out-of-shape torso and enjoy a bit of water refreshment. I don’t know anyone that has a pool and I don’t really want to leave the house. Only one thing comes to mind:

Slip ‘n Slide

And of course, I’d like to share this fun with someone who would enjoy it as much as I would. My wife’s granddaughter Ayla was the first person that came to mind. Of course she was excited.

First a bit of setup. It doesn’t take long to get it in place…. just need to find a place in the yard that needed some watering.

Slip n slide

Slip n slide

Slip n slide

Once Ayla got there, she was ready to start sliding.

Slip n slide
Ayla looking over the slide
Slip n slide
Ready… set… GO!

And if you needed proof we actually used the Slip n Slide, here’s a short video [unedited] that shows Ayla and I making multiple runs.

And as a bonus, here’s footage from my view of going down the slide.

I’m a bit sore today, but it was all in the name of fun.


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