Music Monday: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs”

The Suburbs

NOTE: this is a new blog feature that I hope to have each and every Monday here. Concerts I’ve been to, albums I like, meet and greets I’ve been to… everything and anything related to music.

Back on August 3rd, Arcade Fire released their third album entitled “The Suburbs”

If you’ve never heard of Arcade Fire, they are a Canadian band with American roots who took the indie music scene by storm in 2004 with their debut release, “Funeral” Songs like “Wake Up” and “Haiti” became anthems for fans and the band took their new found fame in stride.

In 2007, they released their second album called “Neon Bible”, which brought a slightly different sound, but the same type of musical vibe with tracks like “Intervention” and “Keep The Car Running”. This was the year I first heard of them, from my daughter. We saw them live in concert (and got to meet them afterwards) and I was hooked on their music.

“The Suburbs” was a highly anticipated album on my list for this year and when it came out, I played it non-stop for several days, attaching myself to it’s great mix of songs like “Ready To Start”, “Month of May” and “City With No Children”

I can’t recommend this album enough to anyone who appreciates a good creative process in making music and turning something discrete that turned popular back to something independent.


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