Winter Escape

Back on December 31st, I did a post that mentioned what I did in 2008 and what I will be doing in 2009. One of those items was traveling. I stated in that post, “…with a trip planned in the first part of the year…” stating that I would reveal where this was.

Well, I leaked the details out over on my Facebook page and told a couple of other bloggers where I was going. It’s about time I revealed to the rest of my readers the destination.


Yep… Hawaii. I’ve never been there and neither has my wife. The dates we are going are:

  • March 6 – 15

We are flying direct on Friday March 6th from Salt Lake City to Oahu, where we will spend two nights. Then we take a puddle jumper over to the island Kona where we will spend the remaining of our time. Then returning to Oahu via puddle jumper on Saturday March 14th, then a direct red eye flight back to Salt Lake City, arriving early Sunday morning, March 15th.

Will You Be Blogging?

Of course, to my readers, the question that comes up is: will I be blogging? And the answer is: very little, most likely in the form of a couple of posts with photos and a small blurb.

Guest Bloggers

So this means that I will need a few guest bloggers, three (3) to be exact. I already have one lined up. Catherine from Seventh Notebook has offered to guest blog during the week of March 9th.

I am needing two guest bloggers for both Sundays, which means that there will be no Snowy Sundays for two weeks in a row. I know… major crisis, but hey, where I will be, there is no snow… not a single flake. Oh, and my wife has requested I take these two weeks off from doing videos to actually be on vacation. I think most of you will understand.

If you are interested in guest blogging either of the following Sundays:

  • Sunday March 8th
  • Sunday March 15th

… leave me a comment below or send me an email. The posts do not have to be Snowy Sunday themed. They can be whatever subject you want. And when I say any subject, I mean ANY subject.

But wait a minute. I’ll back on Sunday March 15th. Why do I need a guest blogger? Because I will be tired and in no condition to put anything together that resembles a blog post.

Snowy Sunday Returns March 22nd

I will be back on March 22nd with an all new episode of Snowy Sunday. I will provide more details about the season ending episode of Snowy Sunday, along with discussing the return of Scooter Sunday in a future blog post.

So, just to summarize here and clear all of this up, here’s what’s happening on Banal Leakage for the month of March 2009:

  • March 1st [Sunday]- all new Snowy Sunday episode
  • March 8th [Sunday]- Guest blogger
  • March 9th [week of]- Guest blogger – Catherine from Seventh Notebook
  • March 9th [week of]- a couple of posts with photos and a small write up.
  • March 15th [Sunday]- Guest blogger
  • March 22nd [Sunday]- all new Snowy Sunday episode
  • March 29th [Sunday]- the season finale of Snowy Sunday

Wow. Ok, take some time, digest all of that, and if you have any questions, want to guest blog or tell me how jealous you are that I’m going to Hawaii, leave a comment.


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