The Day Before Vacation

slc rain parking lot
rain and cold on Friday 4/24/2015

I went from the above scene of rain and cold on Friday evening, to…

playa grande
sunny and warm on Saturday 4/25/2015

This scene, which was what I saw and experienced every time I exited the room we were occupying at the Playa Grande resort in Cabo San Lucas.

Blog Post Haste

I dated this post for late Sunday night last week because I did plan to post this while traveling last week, but there were some hoops I had to jump through on the iPad in order to get the photos from my iPhone to OneDrive and FTP’ing them to this blog and renaming them and I had two others that I didn’t want to wait while I figured shit out. Let’s just say I need to plan better if I’m going to leave my laptop at home for any type of blogging with photos. Plus, I was on vacation and wanted to enjoy my time without any dealing with any extra technical concerns.

I love Cabo and had a great time this last week. I am prepping some more posts that I may or may not pre-date just to keep myself in sync of what day things happened.


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