Scooter Monday #21

Yes, you read that title correct. Once again, thanks to my day job and some video problems I had [oh, and the several hours I spent at the Greek Festival and the Utah State Fair], Scooter Sunday is getting bumped to Monday this week. I am hoping to be back to my regular Sunday posts next week.

You’ve Got Video!

Scooter Sunday has gone video!

I wanted to make a video of my scooter rides. But after looking online for a motorcycle camera mount, they were almost $100 and didn’t fit my scooter. Off to Google for a search and finding this MetaCafe video that showed how to use PVC and hose clamps to make your own camera mount. I spent about $10, which is still $90 cheaper than a pre-made mount.

Below are pictures of the finished product, attached to my scooter.


This is what the mount looks like completed. Start to finish [not including time drinking beer and bullshitting with my friend Kris] was about 2 hours, which included a trip to Lowe’s and all of the cutting, drilling and screwing.

mount for camera
The camera mount installed on the scooter


I made a significant modification from the camera mount in the MetaCafe video. I decided to encase the screw in a rubber grommet to help absorb any vibrations, which actually does help.

close up of the bolt
Rubber grommet helps to absorb vibration


And that’s what the camera looks like from the front of the scooter. Not too bad and blends in well.

front view of camera
The camera mounted on the scooter


From my position when I’m riding, I can see the LCD screen. If the sun is out, it’s a bit washed out, especially at an angle that is not viewer-friendly.

view from the back
My view. And yes, the camera was adjusted before I went riding


Scooter Sunday Captured

And without further delay, here is the video, which is a collection from multiple rides I did on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Scooter Sunday Captured from Marty Mankins on Vimeo.
Click here for the direct link to the Viemo page

This may not be a regular feature, due to winter time around the corner. But as I’ve said in previous Scooter Sunday posts, I’ll ride until the weather gets messy. And with video capability, you can bet that there will be more video footage of me on the scooter.


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