Pompous Asshole

So this week, I was called a “Pompous Asshole”. It stemmed from a political discussion I had with someone on Twitter. A friendly debate, or so I thought. But obviously I must have said something to set the other person off, because after a Twitter screen refresh, there it was:



In all seriousness, I don’t know if I’ve been called that before. I’m sure there’s been things I’ve done or said in life to possibly deserve such a label. I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be. But it just came across pretty harsh. Even my ex-wife never called me anything that harsh before [at least not face-to-face].

Plus, what’s a pompous asshole supposed to look like?

Bill O'Reilly
“You sir are no Lincoln! You are a jerk and a small-minded individual”

See… he fits the pompous label: name calling, cuts his guest off before they can respond to any questions, yelling obscenities when he doesn’t get his way…. the very definition of pompous asshole. But I don’t recall resorting to name calling, cutting off the other person or yelling obscenities.

The Facial

Maybe I didn’t see myself when I was Twittering. There’s got to be some sort of physical look that belongs with the verbiage:

Marty the asshole
“Am I being pompous enough?”

Hmmm… that just doesn’t seem right. It’s not fitting. I feel angry, but not really pompous angry. Bill O’Reilly, you are safe with being the poster child for pompous asshole.

Ok. I think it’s because I was trying too hard to be pompous. Looking at a recent image of myself to see if without even trying to be pompous… maybe it’s just there and I didn’t know it at the time:

Tiff and her
“Uh dad… you are not looking pompous enough”

Nope. I just don’t see it. So it’s not a physical thing.

Maybe I missed something that I said to this other person…. going back to the conversation at hand, I find these responses:

I’m not for opposing the candidate. Just question and research them before proclaiming your full support for them.

and this one:

oh I don’t expect you to know. it’s ok.

Both of these were in response to a question about GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin’s support for the Bridge To Nowhere. So I can see that *maybe* my responses could be taken as rude or sarcastic. But “pompous asshole”?

Kiss and Make up

So I pushed an envelope and responded with a comment that pushed a button, sent an email of apology and moved on.

In the future, as I learn from experiences like this, I tread much lighter with some people. I can respect when someone throws out the “You went too far” card. I try to be sensitive to people’s feelings and if I overstep a boundary, I admit it. Now does that sound like something a “pompous asshole” would do? I don’t think so.

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  1. kilax says:

    Was the person joking? You don’t seem like a pompous asshole to me. Or pompous. Or an asshole. Hmm.

  2. Andy Bates says:

    I hate to say it, but that last paragraph does make you seem pompous. Paraphrasing: “I am really careful around sensitive people, and I admit my mistakes. See? That’s not pompous. Therefore, that person was wrong.”

  3. martymankins says:

    kilax – Not joking. Politics tend to bring out some interesting responses.

    andy bates – Actually, I would say that I was not being humble with that response. Pompous would have added the line “In your face… Booyeah!”

  4. Andy Bates says:

    At the risk of sounding pompous, a more humble response would have been, “I realized I need to be more careful around people, so I sent an apology.” Period. “Now does that sound like…” makes you sound pompous, and “I don’t think so” makes you sound like…well, you can figure that one out.

  5. martymankins says:

    NOTE: forgot to mention in the above post that said other person also apologized for the label in the emails we exchanged.

  6. martymankins says:

    andy bates – I just can’t win, can I… Point taken.

  7. breakaway9 says:

    Okay I will have to say… most of the time I find you to be a pompous asshole and sometimes even a gaseous windbag also… especially when you go on and on giving props to your boy McCain…. and when you talk about wanting to go hunting with Cheney….

  8. martymankins says:

    kris – LMAO!! Well, you know…. can’t pass up those opportunities to kick with them hunting VP’s

  9. Politics and Religion. Two polarizing topics and I’ve found people will defend their point of view within an inch of their life 😉 I’ve accidentally offended people in the past and it is one of those lessons learned kind of things. Tread lightly is good advice indeed.

  10. martymankins says:

    kevin – You are correct, sir. Those two subjects have an incredible amount of polarizing effect. Religion is an easy one for me to stay away from (not being religious myself, I let people believe what they want). I admit that politics is a bit harder for me to contain myself on. I get pretty passionate about the issues and candidates. But fortunately, there’s enough people that I can banter with that I don’t worry about offending or pissing off.

  11. Dave2 says:

    Having met you in person, I detected nary a whif of pompous asshole. It just goes to show, you smell what you stand in.

  12. Winter says:

    I don’t think you’re a pompous ass. Although the second remark about not expecting the person to know was bit of a stinger. That doesn’t make you a pompous asshole though.

  13. martymankins says:

    dave2 – Your judge of character and sense of smell is something I trust. Right now, I’m standing in the kitchen with the microwave going… Mmmmmm…. Grilled Cheese Uncrustables!

    winter – Your right about that remark… it was a stinger. But not meant to be cruel… just a bit harsh in trying to explain a point. I also had comments about educating that may have been interpreted as negative. I try to be as objective as I can.

  14. Brandon says:

    Your not a pompous asshole, you’re just a dick.

  15. martymankins says:

    brandon – Now see… being called a dick. That’s been done before. Don’t remember the circumstances, but I recall someone shouting that to me.

  16. Avitable says:

    I always saw you as more of a highfalutin’ elitist.

  17. martymankins says:

    avitable – Now elitist… that’s a label that I can be proud of… that could go well at an upscale club… light up a nice Macanudo, sip on a dirty martini… pull up in my Mercedes SLK… *head in the clouds*

  18. whall says:

    Let’s break it down – “martymankins” is made up of 4 parts:

    “mart” – a collection of businesses or things for sale
    “y” – an eternal question summed up in one letter
    “mank” – a complete mystery, as pointed out by Jack Handey
    “ins” – a group of belly buttons that point inwards

    I postulate that since the reasons pompous assholes are that way is a mystery, and you’re at least 25% mystery, you are 25% pompous asshole.

    I hope this clears this up for everyone.

  19. martymankins says:

    whall – only 25%… I can live with that… with my “ins” of belly buttons, combined with the other bits of postulation thrown in for good measure.

    So I take it 25% of you could be considered “whall-mart”??

  20. whall says:

    I’m phonetically identical to Wal*Mart

  21. Nilsa says:

    Unless someone has your arm twisted behind you and you’re screaming bloody murder / UNCLE as you write this, I’m not sure it’s even possible for you to be a pompous asshole. Because pompous assholes take it as a compliment when people accuse them of such.

  22. martymankins says:

    whall – I bet you are confused when your wife asks you to run to Wal*Mart.

    nilsa – No arm twisted. And no compliment taken here. I don’t care to challenge Bill O’Reilly for that title ever.

  23. This is exactly why I don’t discuss politics. People get so emotional that it is hard to have an actual discussion that doesn’t lead to meanness or name calling.

    I don’t think you are pompous or an asshole. Maybe I just don’t know you well enough yet? (kidding)

  24. kapgar says:

    I think Brandon’s onto something. 😉

  25. martymankins says:

    tori – You are correct in that political discussions can get emotional. I admit I should have kept myself in check, but sometimes when you are passionate on an issue, that’s hard.

    Well, we’ll have to wait one day at a blogger meet to have you make your call: asshole or not… 😉

    kapgar – Another vote for ‘dick’ Hmmm… a new post idea?? 😉

  26. Crys says:

    hoooooooooooooo boy, this is a huge problem. having a political discussion without taking it personal. it IS possible, true story!

  27. Crys says:

    …oh and lol, that pic of O’Reilly is perfect. he makes my jugular protrude.

  28. martymankins says:

    crys – For the most part, I don’t take them personal. But there’s times when I feel strongly about a certain position and… well, you know… it can turn bad. And thanks on the pic of O’Reilly. There’s no shortage of those angry and WTF pics of him on the web.

  29. Catherine says:

    Pompous, pompous… isn’t that the kind of hairstyle Elvis had? Either that or those things cheerleaders wave around. I’m pretty sure it’s one or the other, and you really don’t strike me as the type for either, no sir.

  30. martymankins says:

    catherine – Ha ha… that’s funny… love the other “pomp” references. Give me an ‘M’…. give me an ‘A’… *holding up a pair of pom-pom’s*

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