Scooter Sunday (and Monday, too)

my 2006 Honda Metro

Winters are too damn long here in Utah and I really don’t care what people say….. and let me tell you… I hear it all:

“We need the water”

“The snow is so beautiful”

“I just made a yellow snow cone”

Cold weather is not friendly to a lot of things, scooters being one of them. So when the weather gets even close to hitting 70 degrees, I start jonesing for my scooter. I’ve only had it one year, but in that year, I’ve ridden it to work and back as many times a week as I can, go for relaxing rides on smaller roads AND…. I can go almost 3 weeks on a tank of gas for BOTH my scooter and my car. And that was last summer when gas was $2.50 a gallon. Top that, Hummer owners!!

So it was no secret when I saw the weather hit close to 70 on Sunday, that I knew a scooter ride was inevitable. It was a short ride, but nonetheless, well deserved.

sitting on the scooter

The ride was great… down the short hill from my house, past the Jordan River parkway, up the freeway overpass, past the Murray Golf Course, back up a bigger hill and straight down the road back home. It was about 10 minutes, but it was nice. I had been waiting for this day since the last time I rode, which was sometime in early October.

And since the weather was staying nice through Monday, I decided to extend my scooter-riding pleasure another day by leaving the car at home and riding to work.

surround by gas guzzlers

And even though it must sit in the parking lot most of the day surrounded by ‘gas guzzlers’, it’s still out in the sunshine, knowing it’s days of regular travel are just around the corner.


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