Free download of Lorde’s new album “Melodrama”

Lorde’s new album “Melodrama” was released on June 16, 2017. And I got a free download of it.

The download was a code that my local radio station X96 sent me. They posted a tweet that said to text them a code via their SMS texting number. I was quick enough on the text and they sent me back a link, which took me to a site to download each song of the album. They give you 3 tries to download the songs, just in case your internet connection takes a dump while you are mid-download.

First Thoughts

It’s really good. A nice mix of fast, pop and slowed down music notes. It’s has a nice fresh sound to it, compared to her last album “Pure Heroine” which was very break through in a mature sense of the fact this was a New Zealand teen releasing an album that didn’t really scream pop, even though it was categorized as pop on some levels.

The more I listen to it, it’s obvious Lorde has aged into an adult and has gone through a bad breakup. But this isn’t like when Taylor Swift breaks up with someone and writes a song. The lyrics are pretty heartfelt.

Have any of you heard the new Lorde album yet? Post your thoughts below.