MyFitnessPal Goal
My goal I started on April 10, 2012 using MyFitnessPal

I’ve rebooted and restarted my workout regimin several times in the last 4 years I’ve been blogging here at the BL. I’ve made several attempts and have met with distractions and interruptions that have caused me to stop and then find myself getting unhealthy again.

I am hoping this time it sticks. Because I’ve made some great progress this time with some slightly different changes.


A great app for tracking what I put into my body

I started using MyFitnessPal on 4/10/12 and tracking pretty much everything I’ve ingested into my body. This app, along with my three-times-a-week gym visits, has made a difference. My previous workout goals never really included a bite-by-bite tracking of what I ate. I never calorie counted. I just tried to eat healthier foods, or so I thought. This time, I stuck to my daily calorie intake, rarely going over and increasing my workouts for those days where I did go over the 1760 calories per day.

And it worked. I started at 183 lbs the week after Thanksgiving. I was at 180 lbs on April 10th when I started using MyFitnessPal. Per the image above, my goal to lose 5 lbs by May 15th was met as I was at 175 lbs on that day. Today I am at 171.

My other goal was to be at 170 lbs before June 15th. I have one more pound to go and might actually make it. If I don’t, that’s ok. I am close enough now and I’ve changed how I eat and what I take into my body. I still drink alcohol, but not as much. I still eat some sweets here and there, but not as often. I still find some fast food to eat, but I order different items now. It’s a change that I think is one that I’ve found that works for me to keep me fit. My getting toned and in-shape goals and mixing up my gym workouts will start once I’m back from vacation week after next. For now, I’m working out an hour three times a week doing treadmill for 45 mins at 4.0 speed on the Lifecycle and 15 mins of jumping jacks, stretching and basic calisthenics. I want to add in some weight lifting and more aerobics to help with the muscle and fat toning.

No More Nike+ Fuel Band

As I blogged about in April, I bought a Nike+ Fuel Band. I was excited about using it to track my fitness results and for it to push me to do more in my workouts and my daily active life. Turns out there was one big negative that left me soured on this device: it’s pretty intrusive on your wrist, especially when using a laptop. I always had to remove it during the day while I worked, which defeats the purpose of not collecting Nike Fuel points and adding to my pedometer steps. So I sold it, continuing to use my iPod nano’s pedometer function, which is still my main tracking of steps and calories burned. I know it may not be the most accurate, but it fits in my pocket and I just go about my day without it getting in the way.

Feeling Good

I feel better, I have more energy, I don’t get winded walking up the stairs, my leg muscles don’t hurt for extended walking. Although my chin and belly are still there, I can feel a bit less fat in each of those areas. I’ve not been too agressive with losing a lot of weight in a short period of time. I’ve taken my time doing this and it’s worked. You’ve read my monthly TINTFA updates and my goal of getting back into a fitness and weight loss program has been successful. Just need to keep at it and then adjust when I reach a point to start maintaining myself.

If you have any questions or comments or anything else you want to ask me that I didn’t cover in the post, feel free to ask away below.