Episode 012

Spring Has Sprung A Leak

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  • – Spring is finally here; Weather wise, it’s still somewhat chilly here in Utah; 60 degrees; cold wind; need long pants still; This is one season closer to summer.
  • – Summer concerts are being announced and tickets going on sale; KISS and Def Leppard; Motley Crue just two of the tours I am looking forward to, at least those coming to Utah; more detail in this week’s rant.
  • News – Story 1: Fred Phelps of WBC dies
  • – The founder of the Westboro Baptist Church out of Topeka, Kansas has died at the age of 84; this is the church that would protest gays and soldiers funerals with the signs “God Hates Fags”; the church is mostly made up of family members, although in the last several years, there have been defections like Fred’s son Nate, who has spoken against what his father did; most of their efforts were monetarily driven, as Fred was a lawyer who would sue those counter protestors that became physical in their reactions; They aren’t going away, but their efforts have been stifled over the last couple of years with counter protests to help silence their hate messages; no need to protest Fred’s funeral; not the right way to counter his death; let hate fade without giving it extra attention.
    – Link to article: Fiery founder of anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church Dies at 84

  • News – Story 2: iOS 7.1 update arrives for iPhone, iPad
  • – it’s been almost two weeks since Apple finally released iOS 7.1 update; so far, my iPad locking up issues have disappeared; my iPad would just stall when I would swipe it after turning it on; very frustrating; I was ready to do a restore and wipe; a few new interface tweaks like in the phone dialer, the end call and start call buttons are now smaller circles instead of the rectangle button at the bottom. Overall, a much needed update that took way too long for it to be released.
    – Link to article: Apple Releases iOS 7.1

  • News – Story 3: March Madness
  • – brackets for NCAA College Basketball; I’ve never gotten into this; I think there was one year, many years ago, that I did a bracket and won $5; I do know Duke lost, because they are always in the top somewhere; for them to bow out quickly, that’s an upset; billionaire Warren Buffet was going to give someone $1 billion; sponsored by Quicken Loans; pretty much guaranteed no one will get the billion; would have been cool if someone didn’t pick Duke.
    – Link to article: NCAA March Madness

  • RANT: Bands skipping Utah lately
  • – While I mentioned KISS and Motley Crue are coming to Utah; KISS starting their tour here in Utah, which I have to praise them for; a lot of bands that used to come to Utah are skipping on their most recent tours; Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden; two nights in Red Rocks, no date here in Utah; Depeche Mode; they are my favorite band; seen them 9 times; wanted to see them a 10th time, but they didn’t add a Utah date to last year’s Delta Machine tour; not sure why the new trend of skipping Utah; not the band, but the promotor and the finance people making the decision; not cheap to bring a band to a different city.
    nikki sixx

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Nikki Sixx gets married
  • – not to have another mention of Motley Crue in this episode; Nikki is my favorite member of the band; he got married and is off in Bora Bora on a honeymoon with his new wife, Courtney Bingham; the article I read shows photos of him and Courtney; I follow him on Twitter @nikkisixx; Congrats to Nikki Sixx.
    Link: Nikki Sixx Gets Married

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