Election 2020
290 means Joe Biden is President-Elect

Congrats to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their POTUS and VP elect win this past Saturday. My last post was the day after Election Day and no winner was projected, but Biden did have a lead and maintained it [obviously].

What a relief and a light at the end of this almost 4 year dark tunnel the USA has experienced. Well, if you are a Donald Trump supporter, it was the best thing ever. Light it up!!! No More Bullshit!! Fuck Your Feelings. Well, all that is coming to end as we kick Orange Shitler to the door and on his way to Mar-a-Lago, which is most likely where he will go after he throws away all of those empty Big Mac containers and tweets his way to south Florida.

Hitting the ground running for the 78-year-old Biden and the first woman VP-elect AND the first POC VP-elect is to address the COVID-19 pandemic and to get a handle of what Orange Agent 45 didn’t do.

I think all of us that despised Trump are breathing a sigh of relief. Granted, so much work to be done to put this country back into a better place. But it will be worth it. And I hope we all have learned a valuable lesson for the foreseeable future.