It’s been a while since I discussed any kind of music here. Time to tout one of my favorite albums.

The Panic Channel - (ONe)

Sometime in late 2004, Jane’s Addiction broke up. After a successful tour in 2003 with Lollapalooza [which came through Utah, but due to a previous commitment attending a friend’s wedding – who notably have since broken up – I didn’t attend this concert], tensions grew in the band [Perry Farrell is one demanding mother fucker] and they called it quits.

Given this new arrangement, the remaining members: Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins and Chris Chaney decided to put together a band. Adding into the mix a lead singer – Steve Isaacs – they formed The Panic Channel and released an album “(One)” in 2006.

Anyone that has ever heard Dave Navarro’s guitar work will attest that he’s an axeman extraordinaire. Add to that the pounding drum machine known at Stephen Perkins, the bass lines of Chris Chaney and the flowing vocals of Steve Isaacs and this album quickly grows on you.

The album contains 13 tracks, of which 9 are ones that I can listen to each and every time without getting tired of them. “Teahouse of the Spirits”, “Bloody Mary”, “She Won’t Last”, “Said You’d Be”, “Outsider”, “Blue Bruises”, “Awake” and “Listen” are rocking and smooth. They speak to me in a sort of way that music speaks to someone, flowing each and every note, lyric and drum hit into my ears.

The biggest hit on this album was “Why Cry”, which is not a bad song, but it just doesn’t stick with me. When tracking the entire album, I’ll usually skip past this song. As for the songs that I felt are weak moments, “Night One (from Planchette)”, “Lie Next to Me” and “Untitled” just seem like fillers. They are not horrible, but after multiple listens, they wear thin pretty quickly.

I’ve ignored the critics and the low sales figures for this album and just let the music and vocals speak to me. Over the course of the almost three years since the release of this album, it’s permanently grown on me. And while I didn’t include it in my Top 25 list of favorite albums, it’s still one of my favorites I like to play often.

The band is no longer together since Jane’s Addiction reformed it’s original line up in 2008, so this single album is all that the group produced. There were a few tours, including being the opening band for the touring band Supernova [from the TV show “Rockstar: Supernova]. I had the opportunity to see them live in June 2006 here in Salt Lake City at Urban Lounge. Here’s a couple of pics I took [taken from my cell phone, so I apologize for the poor quality] from that show.

The Panic Channel - June 2006 - Urban Lounge
the entire band from L to R: Chris Chaney, Stephen Perkins, Dave Navarro, Steve Isaacs

The Panic Channel - June 2006 - Urban Lounge
Dave Navarro shredding as he always does

If you get a chance to hear this album, do so. If it’s not one you end up liking, that’s cool. But for this music fan, it’s found a place in my regular playlists.