goodreads 2018
My reading challenge for 2018

It’s that time again to push myself to read books. I love reading books, but rarely make time for it. Time and time again, year after year, I don’t even come remotely close to making my goal.

My goal was 24 books for 2017 and I read 2. Epic fail. So this year my goal is 52. 52??? Seriously??? Why so high? Isn’t that setting me up to fail? Quite possibly, but I’m doing something over on my Facebook that I think will help me reach that goal.


Over on my Facebook page, I am doing a weekly post for three things: music lyric quote, movie line quote and book quote. The music and movie quotes are just fun and they will be related somehow to the week to a news story or other current topic.

The book quote will be a passage or paragraph or line from the book I am reading that week. Pushing myself extra hard, I want to develop a daily reading habit. My wife and I had a discussion on Sunday about getting distracted, so both of us have set a goal to set aside time to focus on one thing for an hour each day. The idea is that we will develop a habit of getting something done that we normally get distracted from. I liked this idea enough, which actually meshed with the Facebook idea I had. If anything, I will actually start to focus better, which I lack in and have for many years now.

So 52 books… tough goal, but a year from now, I hope to say I did it.